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[note color=”#eedec5″]C. Hope Clark Reviews Self Publishing for Virgins
“That’s the actual title of a book by Peggy McKay. Self Publishing for Virgins. In my online wanderings and gathering information for FundsforWriters, I ran across her book and asked to read an excerpt. The voice was good, clean, nicely informative. So I asked to read the book.”  

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[note color=”#eedec5″]Darrell Smith, Sr. Reviews Self Publishing for Virgins
This is one GREAT book! BUYER BEWARE – You will be bitten by the Author bug after reading this book! I bought it, read it and I found myself breezing through the self publishing process ! I had never published a book before and I was sick of loosing countless hours searching the Internet on ‘how to’ clues. Not only was surfing the internet a tremendous waste of hours, but most of the information was outdated, garbage and anything worthwhile had a hidden price tag you have to click on to learn more.

This book will get you motivated, and get you published, all the nuts and bolts. no matter what point of the process you are at right now. I did not need any additional references, or resources after reading Peggy’s book. I found it to be a step-by-step how to manual from front to back. So many books out there only cover ‘some of the topics’ and leave you hanging on everything else… This book does it all.

I’m starting writing my second book now, and this book by Peggy Dekay, is the only “Tool” in my Author’s tool box that I need. Very affordable for the content inside. You can’t go wrong. hints like: Don’t forget to secure the domain name to match your book title…Great tips and clues throughout ! I recommend it to anyone wanting to write a book. Its also a great desk reference.

– Darrell Smith, Sr., Author
“After the Cancer What Now???” “Facing the First Day of the Rest of My Life”