TBOWT 024 – Book Launch Parties 101

by Peggy on October 23, 2012


TBOWT 024 – Book Launch Parties 101

Summary: All about book launch parties. Today Peggy and Larry talk about the top ten keys to an effective book launch party. We also discuss why a book launch is much more than just a party.

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 Peggy and Larry talk about the book launch parties. Book launch parties come in all sizes, from tiny to huge, and each launch is different. In this podcast episode we talk about what worked in the ones we have attended and what didn’t. We also discuss the real value of a book launch party.

 What is a book launch and how does it differ from a book launch party?

 The book launch (as opposed the book launch party), technically starts weeks or months before the publication date of the book. The book launch, all entailed is the marketing and promotional plan for the book. The  book launch may happen and be played out in social media, news releases, surveys, articles and other venues, the party is the celebration at the end of the launch.

It is an event organized to celebrate the publication of your book. Most book launches are made up of family, friends, supporters, and those who helped make the author’s book become a reality. Authors can invite the general public, but most are limited to family, friends, and supporters.

How useful are they and do I need to have one?

Book launch parties, while not vital to the success of the book can be a wonderful way for authors to share in their success with those closest to them.

Peggy gives her top ten tips for a great book launch party.

Here are the top ten tips on book launch parties:

Take pre-orders before the actual book launch party date

  1. Have plenty of books on hand
  2. Have someone else you trust take care of the physical ‘sell’ while you concentrate on signing copies
  3. Send invitations directly by mail, email, or by inserting an invitation into an existing publication
  4. Put your launch party event on Facebook
  5. Have an agenda – it will keep you focused and help alleviate nervousness
  6. Prepare a list of people you want to thank
  7. Read the best excerpts of your book, but don’t read more than five minutes at a time.
  8. Don’t give away the ending in the reading.
  9. Consider having your guests who didn’t make it to the party agree to purchase your book online from Amazon the next day to help rankings

. Bonus Tips:

  1. Take pictures and short one to two minute videos of your event. These are useful to post on your website, facebook, or other venues.
  2. Have a list so that people can sign up at your book launch party for your blog or newsletter.

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