All about ISBNs

by Peggy on May 9, 2012

Why do I need an ISBN?

Why every time I do a radio interview, or guest post I get this question; do I need an ISBN for my print book, e-book, or audio book? The short and sweet answer to that question is yes! Before we talk about why you need one, let’s talk about the true function of an ISBN, and where to get one.

What is the function of an ISBN?

ISBN stands for Industry Standard Book Number. You can think of an ISBN number as the social security number for your book. The ISBN is on the back of your book, just above the barcode, usually located in the lower right hand corner. When your book is sold at retail, this barcode is scanned and the ISBN recorded. Sales data is then reported to BookScan, (a Neilson Company), who compiles books sales reports which can be accessed through your Amazon author central account. Be aware that not all book sales are reported to BookScan. BookScan estimates that 75 percent of book sales are reported.

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