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PeggyDKStanding2014 Peggy DeKay

Upcoming Events:

  • Keynote address in Rochester New York Main Library November, 2015
  • Book in Progress with Carnegie Center for Literacy in June, 2015
  • Keynote speaker Berea, Kentucky,
  • Writing and Publishing Your Book from A to Z with Cathy Fyock, March 14, 2015 to register click here: REGISTER FOR A to Z Writing and Self-Publishing Workshop

Other Appearances in 2014

  • Keynote speaker for FAPA. Florida Authors and Publishers Association, Mary Lake, Florida
  • Keynote speaker Children’s Book Writer’s Annual  Conference in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Vegas Valley Book Festival: Panelist on New Methods of Publishing, Las Vegas, NV
  • Kentucky Women Writer’s Conference, Louisville, KY
  • Carnegie Learning Center Books In Progress Conference, 2014, 2015 Presenter


Peggy is a national speaker on the topics of self-publishing, book marketing, writing and editing, publishing, e-book creation and marketing, public speaking, author platform, and entrepreneurship. She has done several keynote speeches, and is a regular presenter at writer’s conferences, civic groups,  and educational associations. To book Peggy to speak contact her at I have listed several speaking topics and often design custom presentations that are geared toward solving the problems and answering the specific questions that your group may have.



When asked most people say they fear death less than public speaking. In this presentation Peggy presents ways to handle stage freight. She shares tips and tricks on how to make use your body language to convey confidence and how to bring the audience in by using the right gestures. Peggy is national speaker and speaks to thousands of people each year.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to relax before a speech or presentation
  • How to feel confident
  • Tips to body language that every speaker should know
  • The best way to structure a speech
  • How to use hand gestures that make your audience open to hearing what you have to say

THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY TODAY  (2 Hour Class: Also suitable for a panel discussion)

The industry has changed dramatically in the last five years and it is changing rapidly still. Authors both new and established must understand the dynamic and changing nature of the 21st century publishing. Using new technologies for printing, distribution, and promotion are keys to success.

What You Will Learn:

  • The new paradigm of self-publishing
  • POD technology
  • Social media technologies that are changing the way we communicate
  • Online options for press releases, and book promotion shortcuts
  • Traditional publishing vs. indie publishing and what are the advantage of both?

HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK  (4 Hours Can be extended to a six hour class)

Whether you are a published author or writing your first book, this seminar will give you a comprehensive guide to making money by self publishing. We’ll go step-by-step, from creating a manuscript on your PC to selling your book on amazon and in bookstores – the smart and profitable way! Learn how to use print-on-demand technology and CreateSpace to publish and sell your book. If you have a book inside you, now’s the time to learn how to prepare it, publish it, promote it, and sell it! This training is based on the book Self Publishing for Virgins by Peggy DeKay.

  • What You Will Learn:
  • An overview of the publishing industry today
  • The TMC Factor ™ and how it benefits indie authors
  • The difference between indie publishing and traditional publishing
  • How and where to create a print and e-book
  • Basic book promotion
  • Most common mistakes indie authors make

HOW TO CREATE AND PUBLISH A KINDLE BOOK  (4 Hour Minimum: Can be extended to six hours)

Learn how to quickly and efficiently create a short e-book during this presentation. Using Calibre and Scrivener, Peggy give you the step-by-step process of converting a Word document to a MOBI file suitable for uploading to Amazon’s Kindle platform.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to prepare a Word document for conversion to a MOBI file
  • How to convert your prepared Word document to MOBI format
  • How to setup your account with
  • How to publish your book

BOOK MARKETING 101  (2 to 4 Hours)

Once your book is written, the real work begins – promoting and marketing your book! In this seminar you will learn how to create an effective author website, build your mailing list and sell books.  Learn the techniques that seasoned authors use to build name recognition. Discover ways to get others to promote your book for you, while you build your readership. Find out the top ten websites that every author should know about. Explore the possibilities of YouTube and social media and turning your print book into an eBook.

What You Will Learn:

  • When to begin promoting your book
  • How to learn who your reader is
  • Keyword research must knows
  • Exploring Facebook and Google Advertising
  • Non-traditional markets

OUTSIDE THE BOX BOOK MARKETING  (1 Hour: Can be expanded to two hours)

There are many places and ways to sell books. Many of them most authors have never even thought about. This presentation will leave you running out the door, ready to implement all of the ideas that you will hear about marketing our books in ways that require thinking outside the box.

What You Will Learn:

  • How you can sell boxes of books instead one or two at a time
  • Creative ways to promote your book and build your list
  • 15 places where people sell books by the box full that you may not know about
  • Events that can put thousands of people in front of you in a single day
  • Marketing techniques that can catapult sales in 30 to 60 days


2 Hour Class (Can be expanded to four hours)

E-books are changing the way people read and access information. E-books now outsell both hard cover and paperback books on! Learn the ins and outs of e-books. Discover how easy it can be to publish your e-book. Peggy DeKay, author of Self Publishing For Virgins, leads you through the process of developing a strategy to convert, price, market and promote your book as an e-book. This is the new frontier for book marketing – learn how to be a part of it!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use dynamic links to cross-promote books
  • How to leverage Amazon Author Central
  • How to leverage and run a KDP Select 90 day promotion in Amazon
  • How to maximize distribution of your e-book quickly and efficiently


What You Will Learn:

As a salesperson, business owner or entrepreneur, you create content every day. But does it make you an expert? Find out how re-framing your message or content into a book or e-book can give you credibility, visibility and expert status – leading to increased sales, business growth and profitability. Distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace by becoming an expert in your field.


This was the best presentation in the entire conference. I loved it! Sylvia M.

I felt like Peggy really wanted us to succeed. Cynthia A.

Awesome information, well-detailed and presented.  Martin C.

 Peggy gave direction to my energy.  I knew what I wanted to do, but was not sure how to get there. Her guidance moved me forward to achieve my goals.  Cheri P.

I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very helpful.  Meredith W.

I went from believing I could publish to knowing (I could publish) and had fun.  Carolyn C.

Enjoyed. Excellent program.  Justin D.

The Self-Publishing for Virgins seminar was “just the ticket” to provide me with the missing information I needed to self-publish.  I’m not finished, but well on my way, thanks to all the valuable tools I received from her class.  Saundra C.

Made publishing my book seem possible.   Shelly S.

 Instructor was knowledgeable and approachable.   Sam P.

Great overview of all the considerations when writing a book.   Uli P.

 Peggy started the first class with a positive saying and continued encouraging making a dream into a reality.   Joyce T.

Knowledge was related in an easy, organized manner.   Linda P.

 Detailed info, start to finish with tools and resources and candid overviews.   Bill H.

 Straight forward guidelines. Very informative. Peggy is extremely knowledgeable.   Ellen H.


Peggy can speak to your group or organization on any of the above topics. She often customizes the presentation to fit your group, association, business, or organization. To see about scheduling and speaking details,  please call Larry at 502-303-7926 or email Peggy at