Ten Self-Publishing Myths—Debunked

February 11, 2012

There are many myths about self-publishing and many of them go unchallenged. I want to change that. The Top Ten Myths of Self-Publishing People won’t buy a self-published book—John Locke and Amanda Hocking are both are self-published authors and both have sold a million plus e-books. They did most of the promotion of their books using social media […]

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Seven Secrets to Preparing Your Manuscript for an Editor

January 10, 2012

Many writers struggle with premature-hand off. What I mean is that too often, authors hand their manuscript to an editor before it is polished. Worse yet, some writers never hand their manuscript over to a professional editor—but that’s a different blog post. Here are three great reasons to polish your manuscript before you take it […]

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Self-Publishing Basics from A to Z

December 11, 2011

We see the words self-publishing and print-on-demand mentioned all the time, but for some of you, these terms may still be a little vague. If you fall into that category, this is the blog post for you. If you know more than the basics, read this post anyway, you might still learn a thing or […]

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Why self publish your book?

July 17, 2011

Why self-publish?  Why are so many authors electing to self publish? It’s the MTC Factor. What’s that you ask? Money Time Creative Control Let’s talk about money first. For many traditionally published authors a royalty payment may be less than ten percent of the list price of the book. That means that if your book sells for […]

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