Self Publishing’s Time Has Come

There has never been, since the history of movable type, a better time to be a self published author!

Why do I say that? Because I believe it. I work with and talk to writers everyday in seminars, coaching sessions, meetings, conferences and in classrooms and lecture halls. Too often, in both cases the creator of the work, the author, is the last person to benefit from the publication of his or her book. This isn’t right, and for the first time, if you do it right, you can publish your book, make the lion’s share of the money and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am on a mission, a mission to help you, the writer or aspiring writer to get published, build a writer’s platform and make a profit. That is why I wrote the book, Self Publishing for Virgins. As an¬†entrepreneur of many years, my mission is to teach writers how to publish and promote their books the smart way.

Your book is not your baby, your book is your business!

In my seminars and during coaching sessions I talk about taking a business approach to publishing and promoting your book. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone, put on your business hat and come with me. Learn how to approach your book like a business, and make it a profit center, and the foundation of your career as a writer, author and speaker.


To inspire you, the writer and author to treat your book and the many opportunities it will bring you like a business. Be smart, be informed and be on-purpose, and you cannot fail to be successful!